Who we are?

Standardmunchkinkitten.com started as a hobby back in 2002. Charlie Plaza, at the age of 14, started his collection of cats in the USA. He purchased his first kitten, a short legged kitten from a pet store in FL for $175.

This is where he met the pet store manager, Jeff, who introduced Charlie to the cat breeder. Charlie, as a young kid started working for the cat breeder cleaning cages and assisting her in the labor of breeding cats. Charlie quickly developed a passion for cats as he saw the joy that kittens can bring to people.


Charlie followed his passion for cats and started his long lasting carreer in the pet industry running one of the largest, most successful munchkin specialty catterry know today as Standardmunchkinkitten.com. What once started as a hobby, Standardmunchkinkitten.com has become a well known national name in the munchkin community making hand fed, friendly kittens more accessible to pet owners.