As a fairly new breed of felines, the uber-cute Munchkin cat is quickly becoming a new favorite among cat lovers and pet owners alike. Their Dachsund-meets-miniature-cat looks definitely catch peoples’ attention, but aside from being adorable, these little guys also have quite the playful personality. Munchkins are also good indoor cats and they are also pretty easy to care for as well.

The following are some of the best ways to care for Munchkin cats:

– Munchkins tend to have a short coat normally, which makes for easy grooming. You will want to brush your kitty at least once a week to keep their coat shiny and silky. While they tend to shed sometimes, it’s pretty minimal – they are one of the easiest cat breeds to groom,  along with a Siamese cat or a Rex.

– As long as you serve them anything safe and edible, these felines will pretty much eat anything in you give them. Of course, like many cats, you should tread the waters and see what their favorite food is. Wet food and dry food are both good for your feline, but wet food tends to have more vitamins that your little Munchkin needs.

– Make sure that your little Munchkin gets a lot of exercise, as they need all the action they can get to keep up with their teeny tiny bodies. These little guys love to play, and much like dogs, they can even play catch! Also, like dogs, they should actually get daily walks to keep them moving.