There’s A Breed Of Cats Most People Don’t Know About And Now We’re Completely Obsessed

There are few things on Earth cuter than a cat. Sure, kittens probably place a little higher, but they don’t stay tiny forever. What does, however, is the Munchkin cat. First documented in the 1940s, these tiny kitties have short, stubby bodies that you won’t be able to resist scooping up in your arms. Munchkins are intelligent and playful, and rumor has it they’re quite fond of people, too. If you love cats and kittens, then you’ll love all their usual characteristics wrapped up in this adorable, stubby package. Don’t believe it? Just take a look! When it comes to cute cats, you’d be hard-pressed to find many cuter than the Munchkin variety. This teeny, tiny breed of cat starts off as a waddling, tottering bundle of fuzz. Even as adults, they stay pretty small! Their bellies barely miss brushing against the floor thanks to their super-short legs. This feature may seem like a handicap, but these cats are fully capable of running and jumping just like any other kitty! Look at this little guy go! Your typical Munchkin has short legs and a beautiful plush coat that can come in any number of colors and patterns. Their luscious fur does need to be brushed twice a week to avoid matting. Wait until you see more of them as kittens… As if the adults weren’t cute enough, baby Munchkins look like something you’d find on a shelf next to the Beanie Babies. They’re a unique breed, though, so don’t confuse them for simply tiny versions of regular cats. The males typically weigh less than eight pounds, while females weigh in at a feather-light six pounds. Heck, that’s practically small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! Who wouldn’t love one of these kitties? Admittedly, they don’t look like the most ferocious predators, as each one seems to say “give me a cuddle!” instead of “fear me!” However, these cats actually have fantastic closing speed. Maybe that low center of gravity cuts down on wind resistance? One thing’s for sure: each one is as cute as the next… You can’t look at that tiny face and decide you don’t want to give him a squeeze. Some say these cuties are impossible to resist. This particular feline fellow has an air of elegance to him thanks to a fashionable neck handkerchief. Though they’ve been around since the 1940s, Munchkins have enjoyed a surge of popularity in the 1990s. Since then, they’ve only seemed to become more and more common, which is good news for anyone who loves adorable cats (which is, of course, everyone)! Owners of Munchkins won’t be surprised by their cats’ rising popularity, since this breed is known for being social butterflies. While some cats can seem standoffish, the Munchkin is typically all about the snuggles. Just look at this little guy! He’s practically the cutest thing in the universe. Now let’s ask the question: what’s the only thing cuter than your average, everyday cat? Turns out, the Munchkin just might be it!

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